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In 1968 Brant Steel Products Limited was established as a small metal fabricating shop. In 1972, looking to grow, Brant Steel purchased Fleetline Products Limited.

Fleetline Products Limited was founded in February 1960 as a 100% Canadian owned and operated company, specializing in Custom Fabrication and Welding. Over the years Fleetline has manufactured Camping Trailers, Low Bed Trailers, parts for Farming and Automotive Industries, Tanks, Machine Guards and Air Make-up units, Furnaces, Wood Staking Equipment, Commercial/Industrial Trash Compactors and incinerators, along with a continuous variety of individual Custom Fabrication jobs. Some of the more unique items manufactured include a Bookmobile, a Houseboat, a Mobile Refinery for Transformer Oil, an Armoured Repair Vehicle for Cable Repairs in Hazardous Areas, and the first Zamboni (detachable ice resurfacing machine). Fleetline Products Limited specializes in Product Development and has considerable knowledge in Combustion Engineering.

In November 2004, Fleetline Products and Brant Steel Products formally amalgamated and are now known as Brant Steel Products Limited.

In our 40,000 sq., we continue to do a variety of custom fabricating work. Our experienced welders are skilled in various types of welding. We also have some machining facilities.

Brant Steel Products today is a second generation family business, with the younger generation being graduates of Engineering and Business Administration. They have worked up through the company to gain a well rounded knowledge of the day to day operations. This second generation is working to provide a continuity in quality and consistency for the future.

Our loyal employees have multiple skills obtained through continuous in-house education and they also have excellent safety records. This solid employee base combines with our strong business ethics and our variety of fabricating equipment to enhance our manufacturing abilities, productivity and new product development. It also spearheads our continuous growth with existing and new customers. As a result, Brant Steel provides their customers with quality products at competitive prices.

Brant Steel Products Limited appreciates their loyal customers, some who have been with us for decades!

Brant Steel Products Limited is eager to tackle the challenges of the future. We would like you to be a part of our future. With our facilities and our diverse variety of fabricating equipment, we believe we can manufacture or repair the parts and/or products you may need.

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